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If one of the following issues occur at the Main Library, Gardner Stacks, and Moffitt, please contact the Facilities and Building Coordinator. (For subject specialty libraries, contact the appropriate building facilities department.)

Please contact the Library Facilities Department to resupply your local restroom, clean up spills on the floor, or to request a special cleaning of your work area. Special arrangements can also be made for window washing and carpet/floor cleanings. (Your department may be charged for special campus services.) For regular custodial service, hang the yellow "Service Please" door hanger on your door. Please clearly mark anything you want thrown away as garbage. Email for restroom service and additional trash containers for special events.

The Library Facilities Department in coordination with Mail & Transportation Services provides Library staff with the following services:

Please contact Library Facilities for any indoor and outdoor pest problems, i.e. ants, cockroaches, silverfish, birds, mice, wasps, etc. The facilities staff will arrange to fix the problem. Pest prevention techniques are also available.

Please provide the following information: type of pest, exact location, and phone number where you can be reached. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

The Library Facilities Department conducts safety inspections, which are mandated by UC policy. Each department will be contacted to arrange for your safety inspection. For more information regarding these safety inspections, please contact the Library Safety and Security Committee

Library Mail and Transportation Services transports materials, such as letters, packages, and books between Library locations and manages incoming and outgoing mail.

Intralibrary mail moves materials such as books and interoffice correspondence between Library units. Manila interoffice envelopes should be used for Library and Campus departmental mail only.

When time is less of an issue than cost, both printed matter and books can be sent by one of the following reliable, affordable mailing options:

Library Mail

Library Mail can be used for sending educational material (books, papers, diskettes, tapes, or scientific specimens) from, or to, an educational institution. Rates are based on weight and size.

Media Mail (Book Rate)

Media Rate (formerly known as Book Rate) offers the best rate for sending small and large packages containing books. Rates are based on weight and size, and are the same as Library Mail.

First class letter stamp $0.490
First class letter metered $0.485
Additional ounces for first-class letters $0.220
First class postcard $0.350
Int’l. first class letter stamp $1.200
Int’l. first-class postcard $1.200